Biff gets wheels built by JustRidingAlong and Strada – depending which end of the country they're needed.
They build great wheels.


Just Riding Along

And Stuart has a Jones.
He fixes bikes and
organises rides in
the Yorkshire Dales...

Proper wrenching


OK, my nom de vélo is Biff.
I import Jeff Jones framesets in to the UK and Europe.
This page explains how things work...

Last update March 2016! Do email me with any queries.

If you want to buy an H-Bar now (!) then Charlie, Jelle (mainland) and Strada all do online stuff
(and the others will sort you too no doubt) – email if you’re having trouble :O)
I can sort out most things – am currently working on world peace. Fingers crossed.

NEIL’S WHEELS (Kingston-upon-Thames, UK) now a Jones dealer!!

H-Bars® – these bars may look unconventional but the bottom line is that they flat out provide better handling and more comfort than a traditional bar. Better hand and body positions ensure more power, comfort and control. They come in titanium, carbon and aluminium versions. Great for bikepacking and technical off-roading. All H-Bars are for a 31.8mm stem. There are three types of H-Bar: Loop, Cut and Bend...


Red steel diamond frame and unicrown fork - lush

You don't have to have it fat up front...

Jeff Jones, lovely bikes... five shops in the UK are making it happen...
(and happy to talk to other people who understand how good all this is)

UK, London area... Phil, Neil’s Wheels, Kingston-upon-Thames TEST BIKE

UK, bottom right... Biff, Eastbourne, Sussex TEST BIKES

UK, bottom left... Charlie the Bikemonger - Swanage, Dorset TEST BIKE

UK, middle... Tim at Sideways Cycles - Alsager, Cheshire

UK, top left... Shona and Richard at Keep Pedalling - Manchester

UK, top... Wayne at Eds Bikes - Dalby Forest, Yorkshire TEST BIKE

UK, very top... David at Bothy Bikes (blog) - Aviemore, Scotland TEST BIKE

H-bars (and great wheel-builds) available too at Strada

The Netherlands (and nearby)... Jelle at Singlespeed Central (JustPedal) TEST BIKE

Italy (and nearby)... Giampaolo at Bikecafe

Germany (Hamburg and nearby)... Wolfgang at Bike Steel & Borrow TEST BIKE

Elsewhere and other queries... do contact
Dealer enquiries very welcome but let me say it’s all about the bike.


The Jones Plus is here! Talk to me about a test-ride. Jones Geometry!!

Titanium diamond frames with Ti Truss forks available! Lovely bikes! Ti truss forks on their own too – front-end upgrade! Steel diamond frames with unicrown forks are with me (a yummy red option). 710 Loop H-bars are available – Aluminum and Carbon! Best email me for the info. There are steel Spaceframe and Diamond test bikes available in Sussex too. Excellent 650B WTB wheels. A few steel spaceframes with steel truss forks are an option – black only though (scroll down for prices, then talk to Tim, Charlie, David, Jelle, Richard, Wayne (he has orange!), Wolfgang or Giampaolo! And me if you must.) The H-Bars, the bikes – very special. Test rides recommended (much better than me prattling on). First stop the dealers (Jelle can ship beyond Holland!) but do contact me directly if you have any problems buying things or have questions. Thanks.